Readers of Booktrades haven’t received a new dispatch from the front matter in a while due to the efforts of the booktrader and his associates in other related quarters, including labors to make books by hand and a separate website in which to celebrate (and maybe sell a few of) those craftings. New material for this blog is, in fact, underway. In the meantime, Booktrades encourages readers to pick up a copy, paper or digital, of the new issue of The Hedgehog Review. The booktrader has two pieces in the issue, one a short essay titled “Friendship by the Book,” which discusses the fate of the late Brett Foster’s library, and the other a review of Sven Birkerts’s fairly recent collection of essays on the reading life in digital times, Changing the Subject. In good time, I’ll post the entirety of the “Friendship” essay here.

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